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Keepers of the City Time

My sister-in-law, Lisa, has a show on TLC called, "Long Lost Family".  It chronicles adopted kids (now all grown up) who are desperate to locate their birth parents in order to make that biological family connection and know where they…

Philz Phormative Jamz

Philz Phormative Jamz is a loose ever-changing Spotify Playlist featuring musicians 
that influence(d) me.  Some I lived with, like Jeremy Toback back in my 
Laurel Canyon days, Dominic Carpin of the Cashmere 
Jungle Lords (from my days growing up in…

The Man in the Background. Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

The man in the background.  He was always there.  In no particular order:  he had me baptized Roman Catholic, took me to church every Sunday (whether I liked it or not), educated me, disciplined me when necessary, helped me memorize…