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  1. Hold Me Close

Hold Me Close, Lyrics & lead Vox, Robin Cryer Hyland - Music & backup Vox, Philip Joseph Hyland (BMI)
Electric Gtr and Bass, Phil Costello
Congas, Dale May
Mixed by Phil Costello
Recorded by Greg Mayberry and Phil Costello


The hurting, the ache and the pain
I've damaged myself again,
when will I ever change
Give me a break?

Painted in a corner
Alone in my room
With a heavy load
Won't you help me let it go?

Let it go
Let me know

Baby, its getting cold and the leaves don't keep the trees warm anymore
And I'm feeling bare, raw like the breeze that blows through these trees
So smile on me let me know what it is that I mean to you
And I'll hide my insecurity but you always see the truth

Let me know
Hold me close

What I can't understand is how I can make demands without pushing you away cause I love you baby yeah
And I'll be there for you in the darkness that you go through stroke your head in the night when nothin's going right
But sometimes I am a baby too and I need you I need you I need you!

Hold me close
Don't let go