If typical New York rock isn't your thing - say, you prefer some artistry in your pop - come out tonight.- Jeff Koyen”

— New York Press

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Striking the elusive balance between the musically ethereal and emotionally real, Girlfriend aspire to be what a modern duo should be: gentle, clever, lovelorn and doomsaying... - Natasha Stovall”

The Village Voice

Led by singer/keyboardist Robin Cryer and guitarist/singer Philip Hyland, this engaging New York pop combo revels in retro kitsch, from the charmingly cornball artwork to the radio-friendly sounds on the disc that recall British smooth-popsters like Swing out Sister, Danny Wilson and Everything But the Girl. Crystalline guitars and light keyboards frame vocal based arrangements. The songs and performances are dead earnest, the joyful melodies masking lyrics full of melancholy and romantic disappointment. Coupled with memorable melodies and Cryer's lovely vocals, tunes like Look, Tremendous and Girlfriend form ear candy that will haunt you for days afterwards. An uncommonly good album." - Michael Toland”

— Pop Press Culture

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