The truth about cats and dogs or...How to Bury your Pet in NYC!

I traveled up to Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in the winter of 1997 with photographer Dale May to assist on his photo shoot for Time Out New York.  Dale was asked to provide an image for this story on how New Yorker's dispose of their dead beloved pets.  If you're a big baller shot caller then you should definitely drop your $$$ and inter Fido at Hartsdale.  Shoot...I'd be happy to be buried there!  Right next to Gold-Tip!

Dale has a great eye.  He is meticulous and watching him set this shoot up which, if I recall correctly, took a fair amount of time from locating this perfect pet headstone for "Gold-tip" (what a GREAT classic name for a dog BTW!) to setting up his camera and working with the lights and available light.  I love all the detail he captures in this photo and somehow he thought to get a dog bone chew for me to grip in my grief.

The shoot did not call for a model but after a few shots Dale asked me to step in and bring some of my Method acting skillz up to the forefront.  My girlfriend, Robin (who is now Mrs. Hyland), had recently gifted me my infamous "PHIL" ring which she had made in Harlem.  The PHIL ring became my signature for photo shoots and hey...I still wear it!  

Anyway, I was honored to be part of this TONY shoot by Dale May Photography as it was my first (and last) centerfold!

Now if you wanna be buried with your pet > NYT article 


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