Uws in the snow credit paul lashin

Talk about the Weather

The weather has been so extreme from fire to rain.  One day there is chaos and a deluge and then 24 hours later I wake up to an incredible sunrise and a day of calm.

It is no wonder, if you are an artist (in any medium), weather directly influences your art.

I've always been a Tears for Fears fan simply because they craft great songs and dominated the charts when I was in high school.  I love their lyric in "Head Over Heels"; I wanted to be with you alone and talk about the weather.  What a clean and…

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Dalemay philhyland dsc6666

Lost Point (Out of Time) Podcast

I recorded a new version of my classic song Lost Point.  It's called Lost Point (Out of Time).

I was challenged by my producer and co-writer, Jon La Croix, on this new version to come up with a chorus (or a 3rd part to the song).  So we did this together after a fair amount of back and forth (piano and guitar work) which pushed me as a writer.

You can listen to my original DEMO of Lost Point which does not essentially have a typical chorus.  Just a bunch of "whoa whoa whoas".  I really like the original…

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Strauss park

Somewhere Down on that Busy Street Podcast

"Don't Fade Away"...I walked over to Straus Park early one evening looking for inspiration.  I was living with Robin on West End Avenue which is a beautiful neighborhood.  I remember when we met she said she lived on W. 103rd Street and I was thinking where the hell is that???  I was afraid to go north of 86th or 96th at that time.  I lived on W. 83rd @ Columbus and I was good.

I didn't know much about Straus Park other than it was a memorial to a couple that died together on the Titanic.  I appreciate…

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Dalemay philhyland writers block dsc6430

Catherine / "She Never Cared" Podcast

Like Liv Tyler's character, Arwen, in The Lord of the Rings, Catherine would show up, tab of acid on her tongue, and then quickly disappear.

She was a free spirit and liked to hang out downtown with us Open High School kids.  Open High was definitely open and we were often openly high.  It was an experimental high school at the time (mid 1980s) where our classes would be throughout downtown and in community buildings, churches and private businesses. The brief time I was there I was in the Maggie Walker…

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Girlfriend album artwork 2011

#NationalGirlfriendDay Podcast

Celebrate National Girlfriend Day with this top Girlfriend track, "Girlfriend" written by Robin & Phil (drums, Dale May, Bass, Pemberton Roach, Guitar, Phil Hyland, Vox, Robin Hyland)!  Produced by John Morand, Exec. Producers Nancy Shefts & James Simon, Photo: Dale May Photography, Design:  Ryan McGinness #NationalGirlfriendDay